Just Arc is now be offering three new metering options:

JAM-MKW Wire Feed Speed Meter

This meter will display the wire feed speed to assure the parameters for welds are correct.

JAM-MKV Voltage Meter

This meter will display the weld arc voltage and put the information near the operator instead of at the power supply.

JAM-MKWV Wire Feed Speed/Voltage Meter

This is an ingenious combination of both of the above displays will effectively eliminate the guess work of whether or not your wire feed speed is correct for your process, as well as provide convenient and easy to read information.


How will this increase productivity for my company and save me money?

The answer is simple. The displayed information will virtually eliminate process errors. These meters are designed for simple installation, requiring only a screw driver. Large 0.6 inch (15.2mm) high liquid crystal display digits offer unparalleled visibility. Calibration is simple and can be done in your shop, by your personnel.

Contact us and we will introduce you to the concept of having remote voltage control at your wire feeder or at your gun!


Wire Feed Speed and Voltage meter


Wire Feed Speed Meter and the JAM-MKV Weld


Cobramatic is a registered trademark of MK Products Inc. Just Arc is not affiliated with MK Products Inc. or Lincoln Electric Company. Installation of metering kits does not effect the performance of the wire feeder in any way and will not effect the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Just Arc metering kits come with a one year replacement warranty that covers materials and workmanship. Please contact us for more information. Just Arc is proud to state that these metering kits are made in the United States of America.


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