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"In over fifteen years of performing service calls in all types of welding environments rarely did I come across a shop where all of the equipment matched.

To survive, most worked with what they had and I spent years modifying and adapting dissimilar makes of power supplies and feeders to work together smoothly.

This kept productivity up and eliminate down time." Dea Just, Owner and Founder of Just Arc

What is Just Arc?

Just Arc is an internationally recognized undertaking with over twenty years of experience in the welding industry .

Our understanding of this complex industry covers service, repair, sales and specializes in filling the needs that the large corporations can not or can not understand. Over time in your welding career you may have acquired mismatched equipment or developed machine preferences that have lead to difficulty with seamless operations.

Just Arc offers economical solutions to maximizing productivity from the machines you have. Several years ago Just Arc purchased LORPAL to keep Mr. Paul Ouellette’s dream of championing the “small guy” alive by offering a variety products designed to maximize your welding equipments potential.

Just Arc also offers weld arc time monitoring devices to ensure resources are directed to where they need to be, in production.

At Just Arc we know time is everything, that’s why most orders taken will be assembled and shipped usually within 1-3 days via UPS, or USPS, depending on your preference.

Here are brief descriptions of some of the products Just Arc has to offer.

  • 1. Arc Timers: These devices record actual arc time or arc time and arc starts. Available with LCD and LED displays with built in and remote sensors. The LCD models have a replaceable seven-year internal battery that offers years of trouble free operation.

  • 2. Pigtail Adapters: These adapters are usually short (Approx. 10-12 inches long). Most adapt a MK Products Cobra Cabinet or a WC-1 box for the Prince XL Spool-gun to a different manufactures make or model of power supply. These Adapters are especially handy when the wire feeder might be moved from one make of power supply to another.

  • 3. Cable Extensions: These extensions are used to mount the wire feeder some distance away from the welding power supply. Most OEM's make 25 foot as a standard length, but Just Arc will make any length desired with any type of connection including those to go from late model wire feeder to an older welder or the other way around. Most of these will require a call for a cost estimate.

  • 4. Conversion Kits: These kits are indispensable to adapt one make of wire feeder to a different make of welder when their operating voltages do not match.

  • 5. Wire Feed Speed Meters: Currently Just Arc is offering a plug and play WFSM for the MK Product’s 115VAC and Lincoln Electric’s 42 VAC Cobramatic cabinet.

  • 6. Non conductive drive rolls: Over the past few years we have been developing and marketing non conductive drive rolls for Aluminum wire feeding. Drive roll electrolysis wear is eliminated while contact tip life and performance is extended. Smoother weld arc characteristics and man hour savings increase your productivity.

Future products:

Visit our web site periodically to see what new Just Arc products are out on the horizon to help make you more productive. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for in the industry.

Look for the new downloadable Arc Timer coming soon!

We will be able to make it for you or, even to find a way to market for your own invention!

Thank you for perusing this material and visiting our Web site. We look forward to your business.

Above all, remember “ if you’re not making sparks…You’re not making money”!

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